This is the alternate timeline that has occurred during the Trained By The Best Campaign, from the actions of Neia Haven. Although some of these characters and events are canon the results and futures that are changed by Neia are not canon.

An earlier timeline of events that lead up to the campaign.

2nd Era

Local Events


2E499 – Neia is four years old and still lives in The Carved Horse.

2E507 – Neia runs away from home.

2E509 – Neia after living on the streets is taken in by Gammosh Longrobe.

Our Story Begins

2E513 – Neia finds out about a Holy Weapon being stolen from The Temple and is asked by Gammosh to help find it due to her connections with previous thieves, and because when the Holy Weapon was stolen all that was left was a green feather which she knew was a mark of when Kinny steals things.

After renting a place in the local inn The Stables she ventured into the sewers to find an injured and frightened Gripper. Before she could help him too much Notts and Tug arrived to give Gripper an extra beating. Using her magic she defeated them both with the aid of Gripper, although during the fight Gripper was thrown into the sewer water and drowned.

Neia then found herself coming across Rat’s hideout in what looked like an abandoned stage. She was told to leave by Pug and whilst she was doing so found out that Rat was about to kill Otto Wells in front of his gang. In a desperate attempt to rescue him she was caught and tried to strike a deal with Rat, to take him to the Holy Weapon should she find it, whilst she is looking for the person who is copying what Kinny was doing. Unfortunately, her deal wasn’t enough to save Otto who had his throat slit.

Neia was told by Rat that Kinny was killed during the attempt to steal the crystal ball.

Whilst in one of Rat’s prisons she was almost assaulted by one of Rat’s men, but used her magic to make him believe that an angel was going to kill him. Although this protected her for a while Rat tried to take advantage of her later that evening.

With some quick thinking she took the dagger from one of the men and took a hostage. Rat refusing to give in ordered they attack her anyway, so she slit the hostages throat, whilst Pug had crept in and managed to take a shot with a short bow killing the other man. Rat took a slice of the dagger to his eye and Neia was able to escape with the aid of Pug.

Neia then sent a message to Gammosh and while waiting for him to contact her she found out that after the events that occurred whilst trying to steal the crystal ball Kinny was found dead in the sewers and after Rat went to investigate and confirmed that Kinny was indeed dead the street kids started to follow him and he became The Sewer King and that he had been meeting with some people that weren’t from the sewers.

She then found out the Pug was part of a group of people that although they stayed under Rat’s rule they were actually still loyal to Kinny and he would try to take Rat down. She then showed Pug that she was magic and although this amazed Pug he was annoyed that she hadn’t used any to save Otto.

Neia was then visited by Gammosh, and she told him about the events that have happened to her over the last few days. Gammosh then told her that he was following up a lead from a member of the thieves guild who had agreed to meet with him but he needed to travel to Whitemeadow in order to meet him and he would be back in a week.

Neia deciding that she would be no more use in the lower city went back to her home to find it had been broken into and five street kids bodies lay dead on the floor. Upstairs in the study she found Ardane Pristone a high mage from Arune Sol who has traveled here as he had business with Gammosh and to also help investigate the stolen Holy Weapon.

After Neia told Ardane what she knew so far and why the street kids had tried to attack her house Commander Rilo Stern arrived after being sent for by Ardane. Stern was filled in about what had happened as well as what Neia had found out and invited both Ardane and Neia to a party that was happening that evening.

Neia decided to attend the party and whilst there she met Quint Blueblade brother to King Quince Blueblade, who congratulated her on the work she had done so far. She also saw the rest of the role family as Prince Rogan Blueblade was given his sword back from the blacksmith after some alterations had happened.

The next day Neia went to investigate The Temple where she met Commander Stern again who asked her to go meet with a contact that they had and then if she wished if she could investigate the people that Rat had been meeting with. Neia agreed and was filled in on what she needed to do.

Neia traveled to the lower city to The Carved Horse and spoke to Dame the owner of the brothel, who gave her a set of clothes and a room where she would be based. Dame also gave her the cover story and told her to tell no-one what her real name was. She was to go by the name Crystal whilst she was there. After a small conversation with some of the other workers there including one who took particular interest in her named Bell, who she believed to be her mother and who escorted an elf dressed in red and gold, she was called by Dame to see to a client.

Once in the room she presented the seal she had been given by Stern to him and he gave her the information that he had. She was told that the Holy Weapon had been seen the day before and that it looked as though it was going to be removed from the city. He told her that his people knew and she should tell her people so that they can check everything as they left the city. He then made a bed on the floor and allowed Neia to sleep in the bed in the room.

The next morning after leaving The Carved Horse Neia tried to leave the lower city but was told that it was on lock down and that no-one not even the royal family were allowed to pass through. She sent a message for Commander Stern and waited all day by the gates with no luck of him turning up. After going back to The Stables she heard some noise outside and went to investigate along with every other citizen in the lower town.

Due to the big crowd Neia decided to climb onto a balcony to see what was happening and saw in the center of the crowd six dead bodies and a smaller person who had been apprehended by the guards. Whilst watching her attentions was changed when she could smell smoke and although she looked around and couldn’t see anything the other people in the crowd soon notified her of what had happened. A fire had started in the lower town and people started running to help put it out.

Neia took this opportunity to investigate the bodies more and when at the scene saw the bodies as well as well made daggers on the floor. When trying to speak to a guard he rudely told her it was none of her business and encouraged her to leave. Deciding to then investigate the fire she headed towards it.

Whilst heading towards the fire she was tapped on the shoulder and saw Slinger stood behind, he was now dressed in nicer clothing and was carrying a unique dagger. He immediately took a swing which hit her. As the fight developed Neia noticed he wasn’t a skilled fighter as he missed a lot and almost stabbed himself twice, although he did disarm both of Neia’s daggers, leaving her no other choice than to use magic. Unfortunately it was too little to late and when Neia took a wound with the dagger she was too weak to resist the poison that it was coated in.

Neia fell to ground and Slinger believing her to be dying left her to die. Pug managed to get to Neia a few hours later and got her to safety where he tried to treat the wounds. Due to his lack of skill however he couldn’t stop the poison and Neia died a day later.


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