Aurillias is the central world of the Seven Worlds. It was created by the Olian Gods and is home to numerous races. It was the third world to be created by the power of The Beings, following Paradan and Hellion.


Aurillias is made up of the main land consisting of seven regions. As well as an island to the east, a cluster of islands north-west, a island to the north-east, and a larger body of land, at least twice the size of the main land, to the south.

The main land regions (as of the 3rd era) are as follows:

The Islands are:

Time is split into eras within Aurillias, these eras do not run simultaneously to the other worlds as each world was created at a different time and some worlds have time progress faster or slower than others.

The timelines for each era are:

Religion is an essential part of life within Aurillias, throughout time new religions emerge as well as old ones evolving.

The core religions worship:


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