Neia Haven

Niea grew up in the a whore house in the city of Burron. The Whore house was named the Carved Horse. Niea was born to one of the elven whores, named bethany haven. She has no idea who father is. All she knows is that he is human. Bethany gave Neia a sliver ring that she told her father left in the room. She now wears the sliver ring as a part of necklace.

Niea spent her childhood in the Carved Horse. She did work like cleaning while there. in her free time she played with a gang of street kids. (same members as last time unless you want to change them).

As she started to reach the age (14) that her body started to mature she over heard the dame talking. she said it was time to get Niea ready to start severing customers. Niea in fear of becoming a whore ran form the carved horse.

On the night she ran away Niea had no idea where she was going she just ran through the streets of Burron. As she made her way through streets she was attacked by a group of thrugs, during the attack she unleashed a new power she was able to create a small burst of fire. this gave her the chance to make escape. She was hurt from the beating they had given her and she only made to where a few houses where before the group caught her again.

She used used this new power again but it did little to protect her as she could not create more then a few puffs of fire. Niea was lucky however the house she had ran to belonged to Burron’s scourcer.

Gammosh Longrobe stepped out his house and used his magic to force the attackers to flee. He then took the injured Niea into his house to treat his wounds.

after speaking to the young girl and seeing that she had magic in her Gammosh decided to take Niea on as a apprentice. For the next 5 years Niea trained under him in the ways of magic.

Niea is average high and slim build. she is attractive like most of her kind. Her most striking feature is her unnatural red hair, the same shade of red as dragon scales.

She is incredibly loyal to Gommosh since he did not just save her life but gave her the chance to make something of herself by teaching her.

one of Niea strongest motivations is to prove to others that she is more then just the daughter of a whore. She was to become some that matters and that can help people.

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Neia Haven

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