A once great and powerful empire that spread to every corner of the land is now a strong nation broken into five provinces, each ruled by their own king but all answering to the High King who resides in Oldar.

Oldar used to cover the entire mainland of Aurillias but during the second era it was broken down slowly and became a much smaller country. It’s capital Saldox stands at the foot of the Sealed Temple and was once ruled by Lust, the second born of Scoptus.

Each region with Oldar is run by their own king, each of these Kings have full control over the land that they rule and can make decisions about what happens within their lands without any interference from any other province. However, should they choose to invade another province there is a chance that they will call upon other provinces to aid in battle offering their protection should they get invaded. It is rare however that any of the provinces will invade any other, except Saldonia. It is accepted amongst the five kings that the king of Saldox is indeed the High King, however, it is known that the other four kings do not like the way he rules and as long as they stay out of his way they know he will let them get on with how they rule. The other four provinces do tend to get along much better than with Saldonia.


The five provinces are:

There is also Locorien which was once a magnificent city ruled by the first men, however it was destroyed by the forces of Scoptus during The War of the Gods and has ever since been uninhabited.

There is also an island of the west of the mainland called Sovreign


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