Otto Wells

Otto Wells was a member of Kinny’s street group and aided in the theft of riches from the wealthy in order to survive on a day to day basis. He joined the group when he was 3 years old and helped Kinny to steal a hat from a wealthy civilian when he was 6.

Otto found and rescued Gripper from Rat and his gang when Gripper was a puppy and has brought Gripper up to be on the team ever since.

When attempting to steal a crystal ball known as The Seeing Stone he was caught by the guards before the theft could take place. Due to being a child however he was let go a week later and told if he was caught stealing again he would lose a hand.

Otto went into hiding after not being able to find Kinny or Kim Garron and stayed in hiding for almost 4 years. He only came out due to hearing that Gripper had been beat many times by Rat’s gang. During a fight in the enclave he lived in in the sewers he was taken by Rat’s gang and Gripper was left to die.

Before being made an example of by Rat, Otto managed to cut through the ropes binding his hands after finding a sharp rock on the ground and managed to steal Rat’s dagger. He killed Copper in the fight that then broke out, allowing Rat and Slinger to escape.

Otto then took over Rat’s previous gang and became the Sewer King, and even aiding in taking down the organization Phoenix Blood when they tried to overthrow the crown.

Otto’s new gang caught Tug and Notts and found the location where Rat was hiding and attacked finally killing Rat and his other men.

Otto eventually married Kim Westbourne, a member of a highly esteemed family and he created Otto’s Orphanage where he allowed all those who needed a place on the streets to reside as long as they didn’t fight. Due to this Otto was able to almost abolish any kids living on the streets.

Otto was seen aiding in the theft of a hat of a wealthy man in the backstreets of Burron.

He was also a member of Kinny’s gang when Neia Haven joined the group. He spent two years being friends with Neia before a heist went wrong and he was caught by guards in a net.

Whilst in captivity of Rat he was killed as an example to Rat’s followers of what would happen if you support Kinny.

Otto Wells

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