The Beings

The Beings are an all powerful entity whose power gave life to everything across all Seven Worlds.

They firstly created Paradan and populated it with great power that grew together and manifested itself more beings of power. These became Paridians. Each looking different from the others and each with a power to help create the world Paradan is today.

It is unknown how many of The Beings there are, and only the Paridians know of the existence of The Beings, others can become aware of their presence but only those that have either become favoured with the Paridians and have therefore been informed or those who may have surpassed the Paridians.

Not only is the number of The Beings unknown but the physical appearance is also a complete mystery, some say they created the Paridians in their own image, others say they have no appearance and are everywhere, whilst others say they’re simply masses of great power and energy.

The Beings

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